27. april 2015


me Name: Kian Andersen
Net Alias: neksus
On The Net: LinkedIn, Facebook, WinCustomize
Relationship: Britta W. Mehlsen
Children: Kira & Tobias

I have completed a Higher Business Exam, called HHx in Denmark, at Aarhus Business College, after that I worked full time in Bilka Tilst (Supermarket) for a while.
Autumn 2005 I started studying Computer Science to become a Datamatiker (danish), which I finished November 2007.
My first developer job was at Front-data Danmark A/S, the department I was in is now a part of DSI-Next.
after that I worked for VarmeTransmission, which is a part of AffaldVarme Aarhus under Aarhus Municipal.
Currently I work for PICit A/S as a System Developer

In my spare time I enjoy making small computerprograms for my own/family use, watching movies/series and playing computergames (PC, XBOX360).
I once did some minor things for Stardock applications like WindowBlinds, DesktopX etc. everything I made can be found at neksus @ WinCustomize.com



foobar2000 is a freeware audio player for the Windows platform, for more information please visit the official website

For the foobar2000 component Columns UI by musicmusic I have made Azrael a formatting string
All development of Azrael is stopped as I no longer use the component anymore

Azrael 5.8 - Download - Documentation - Forum thread Screenshots and info in the documentation

Old versions



Things I have made for Stardock applications such as WindowBlinds, DesktopX and LogonStudio.
These items are hosted offsite and the link will take you to my WinCustomize page. neksus @@ Wincustomize.com


Is a small application I made in DesktopX Pro, it was made mostly for the fun of it and to see how DesktopX worked.
The DesktopGadgets site was takendown for lack of interest and with it my application


The different webdesigns I have created, for my own site and others.

Old designs

old.azrael.dk has examples of old designs from neksus.dk, azrael.dk, paradiselost.dk


My first and only professional website
It is not used by Skovby IF anymore but viewable from The Wayback Machine


I have made a few Danish translations for programs I use/have used through time,
some translations I have made to help family members others because I was running Windows in danish.
Currently I don't start new translations and only update when I feel I have the time.